August 1, 2017

Insomniac’s Chief Strategy Officer appointed to the steering committee of Tech Coalition

In early February 2017, Insomniac Design’s CSO, Ashwin Jayaram was invited to attend an invite-only business leaders meeting at the Headquarters of Social Tables in Washington D.C. to discuss how the businesses in the DC metro area can get involved. The Washington Business Journal is broke the story on February 15. As leaders we have a responsibility to engage on issues that impact our workforce and community. The recent political climate motivated DC Tech leaders to take action. We formed the Capital Tech Coalition (CTC) to give voice to the DC area tech community on issues affecting our businesses and our values.

The first meeting convened 40 executives from some of the best known, fastest growing, and most innovative companies in DC, Maryland and Virginia. You can learn more about the organization’s genesis from a recent profile in the Washington Post.

Currently membership is by invitation-only and the goal is to represent over 100 companies by the end of the year. CTC’s objective is simply to provide members with access to timely, reliable information on relevant issues and help members develop their own informed position. Additionally, the CTC will help members engage with media and external organizations around key issues.