Environmental Defense Fund

Strategic Initiative

Environmental Defense Fund saw an opportunity to connect unlikely allies — landowners, industry, and conservationists — for a new kind of conservation program.

Insomniac Design partnered with Environmental Defense Fund to launch an online platform for the Central Valley Habitat Exchange, an innovative conservation program that takes advantage of emerging habitat markets and leverages the strong stewardship ethic of California farmers and ranchers.

Environmental Defense Fund screens on tablets


Conservation Acres


Habitat Impact


Protected Species

Home Page

The Central Valley Habitat Exchange creates opportunities for farmers and ranchers to conserve and steward critical habitat for at-risk wildlife. The site brings together everything people need to know about the program — to highlight its impact, bring on new partners, and share success stories.


Exchange Registry

The exchange registry works by pairing investors seeking opportunities to fund conservation or mitigation projects with landowners who want to create or maintain habitat on their working lands.

EDF Exchange Registry

Style Guide & Imagery

We implemented a detailed and specific style guide in creating the visual direction for the project. 

EDF Style Guide
Hawk perched on fence
Chinhook salmon swimming in river