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Brand USA appointed Insomniac Design as its digital agency to undertake a complete overhaul of their digital properties and execute the build and launch of a company-wide intranet. Brand USA has shown phenomenal success and growth, having rapidly expanded across several web platforms to support their day-to-day operations.

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Unified Experience

Insomniac Design was engaged to help Brand USA bring all of their web platforms under a single technology and brand umbrella. 

Our task was to build an enterprise web platform to aggregate a vast content library, enable people to find what they need through progressive content discovery, and offer intuitive navigation to support Brand USA's mission to promote US tourism to the world.


Global Event Planning Platform

We created an events and calendar platform that consolidated community events across the country, with the specific goal and impact of promoting local tourism.

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UX Design & Technology

We undertook an extensive UX/UI process that began with persona development and user journey mapping with a focus on serving relevant content to each audience. 

We created a bold design that aggregates content to highlight trends and features — all built on the latest Drupal 8 CMS with advanced content search and sorting.

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Search & Mobile

Our process includes mobile and accessible design from the start. We worked with Brand USA to ensure a seamless experience across devices and screens, as well as intuitive, best-in-class interface design to facilitate usability in all scenarios.
Tourism & Impact

Tourism & Impact

We're proud of what our work has helped Brand USA to accomplish, as we continue to work with them today.

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