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Gender Data Portal

UN Women engaged Insomniac Design to concept, design, and develop the world's first comprehensive gender data portal. UN Women takes a lead role in monitoring the implementation of gender-related targets and indicators, to track progress on global commitments to gender equality and womens' empowerment — and the gender data portal creates data access to inform global policy and advocacy.

Insomniac Design — UN Women Gender Portal


Quality of Life Indicators


Countries & Regions


Women in Extreme Poverty Globally

Comprehensive Data Platform

Our job was to create a one-stop shop for gender data and content, compiled and consolidated from vast and disparate data sets from around the world. We combined clean UX design with a back-end technical implementation that allowed for aggregated content, plus news and feature highlights.


Big Data, Focused Impact

We focused on how to visualize huge data sets around a specific set of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) indicators. These benchmarks allow for a unique look into global gender-specific issues, especially around impacts on women. The platform allows researchers to access expansive data in new ways for study and research, and empowers the public to visualize gender-related variables in an easy and intuitive way.

Insomniac Design - Impact Focus - UN Women

Consolidated Content

We built a custom content dashboard that showcases an incredible volume of content in a simple layout with robust delivery. The data visualizations and accessibility enabled by the platform offer an unparalleled look into gender issues for researchers and general public alike. 

Insomniac Design - Consolidated Content - UN Women

Positive Impact

We were inspired by this project knowing that our platform would be used to support women and people around the world. We believe the more we can support and benefit others with our work, the more we all win. 

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