DC Courts

Digital Transformation

The District of Columbia Courts partnered with Insomniac Design to undertake a major overhaul of the Courts' digital strategy and presence. Insomniac Design worked with DC Courts’ divisions to develop state-of-the-art communications and technology strategy to serve its audiences including internal stakeholders, attorneys, jurors, and the general public.

DC Courts screens on iPhones




Forms digitized


Online resources

Addressing Multiple Audiences & Needs

Our first challenge was to address multiple audiences with very different needs across a vast array of options and website content.

We dug deep to understand the unique needs of different audience groups, and implemented a human-centered design approach to create an easy-to-follow user flow for people using the website. 

DC Courts home page
DC Courts Services page

Moving Analog to Digital

Implementing a user-centered design approach then required the digitization of a wealth of analog processes and paper forms, to create an easy and effective digital process and experience. 

The new, digital-first experience gives people new capabilities and more convenient options to solve in minutes issues that may have previously taken hours or days based on an antiquated, analog system.
DC Courts Forms on laptop

Active Warrants List

Finally, we implemented features like a new Active Warrant list to offer critical content in an easy way to the people who need it most. Easy access to high-priority content based on need resulted in an updated and seamless experience across the platform.

DC Courts Active Warrant list on iPhones and Tablet


We created a visual style that was consistent with the DC Courts design themes and allowed us to build a modern, user-centered interface.

DC Courts Superior Court exterior